celebrex and coumadin

Learn the Applications and Benefits of IV Nutrient Infusion and Chelation Therapy: Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins, Botanical Extracts, Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO, MSM, Phosphatidylcholine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, EDTA, DMPS.


Mission Statement: International IV Nutritional Therapy for Professionals (IIVNTP)

Our mission is to teach the safe and effective administration of intravenous micronutrients and pharmaceuticals according to current standards of medical care.

IV Micronutrient therapy supports the following conditions and many others: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain, IBS, PMS, Infections: Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Mercury Toxicity, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis ....

For: Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, Registered Nurses, Medical Students and other medical professionals.

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