Infusion Center Start Up Consultations:

You have now taken the IV Nutrient Therapy class, passed the test and were given the opportunity to practice IV starts. What is the most effective next step to set up your IV center correctly? Enlist our highly experienced Debbie Kaminski RN to help you transform your space/business into an Infusion Center. Choose from the 3 day Power Consult or the 1 day Mini Express Consult.

Note of Clarification: The Onsite Infusion Consultation Service provides follow up and practical support to start up or to expand your Infusion Center. These services are not a class and are designed to follow the IV Nutrition Therapy Lectures where the actual theory, IV protocols. and initial practical training take place.

Option 1: The 3 day Power Consult: $3,000 (plus travel and lodging)
Jump start your Infusion/Shots Center with 4 consult phone calls and 3 days onsite set up and practical.
Debbie begins with 2 phone consults plus email/text communication prior to the 3 day on site visit. During this visit, Debbie helps you decide which IV Protocols are perfect for your practice. This call establishes the goals and parameters of your clinic and determines what needs to be ordered. Accounts with vendors and Pharmacies are created and ordering takes place. Debbie gives detailed instructions of what is necessary prior to her onsite visit.

The onsite visit begins with the IV room and mixing room set up. If a hood has been ordered and has arrived in clinic, the mixing area will be established. If no hood, or if hood will be ordered later, the mixing area will be defined. Debbie’s focus the first 2 days is to ensure all equipment, supplies, and furnishings create a safe, efficient, and comfortable Infusion Clinic.

Day 3 is a dry run of the clinic. Debbie suggests having staff or family members scheduled to “practice” IVs on. During this day, the practitioner mixes, starts the IVs and infuses with Debbie’s expert guidance and support. This practical day establishes workflow and allows the practitioner the step by step practice of scheduling, signing consents, mixing, starting and stopping IVs, handing out patient education, and establishing emergency plans.

Following the 3 day site visit, there are 2 follow up calls determined by the needs of the Practitioner. Texts and email within reason are also included in this time frame.

Option 2: The One Day Mini Express Consult: $1000.00 (plus travel and lodging)
This is the perfect consult for the Practitioner who may have some experience in IVs but is either new to Nutritional IVs or would like to expand their practice. Debbie will do the same prep with 2 pre-site visit phone calls to establish Venders and Pharmacies and help practitioner order necessary supplies and nutrients. The preparation phone call will determine what will take place during the one day site visit.

The onsite visit combines evaluation of Infusion Center for workflow, comfort and safety. The practitioner can choose to have a few patients receive IV’s or just focus on specific needs of the Clinic. 2-follow up calls including emails and texts after site visit are included.

Terms of Purchase
In order to purchase our Infusion Center Start Up Consultations you are required to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. As soon as you agree to the Terms and Conditions* you can purchase the Consultation Option of your choice.

Purchasers of the Consultation need to print and sign the Independent Contractor Agreement.** The signed Agreement can be scanned and emailed to

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**This is a LINK to the Independent Contractor Agreement.