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International IV Nutritional Therapy Mission

Our Mission at International IV Nutritional Therapy is to teach safe and effective administration of intravenous
micronutrients and pharmaceuticals according to current standard of medical care

International IV Nutritional Therapy Courses

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Our IV Nutrient Therapy courses offer practitioners the most advanced and cutting edge professional education available

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International IV Nutritional Therapy on site visit

A professional on-site consultation at your clinic helps insure that everything is in place  for a safe and successful IV Therapy Service

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International IV Nutritional Therapy books

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We are diligently working on our new book titled “Textbook of IV Nutrient Therapies.” This publication is authoritatively written, includes extensive citations from the medical literature (MEDLINE/PubMed), and will be fully indexed. The book will be published in both hardback and ebook formats

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International IV Nutritional Therapy certification

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International IV Nutrient Therapy offers Certification in IV Nutrient Therapy and Heavy Metal Toxicology/Chelation Therapy. Our certifications are recognized by state licensing boards to meet statutory requirements for Continuing Education

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The International IV Nutritional Therapy team offer variety of seminars.
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