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IIVNTP has presented IV micronutrient seminars in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Arizona, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois as well as Ontario and Vancouver, Canada, London, U.K., Mexico and Taiwan. Our team of IV Therapy instructors have between 8 and 20 years teaching experience and the combined IV administration experience is in excess of 60 years. Visit our Contact page for our email address, phone number and mailing address.

Our Team of IV Therapy Instructors

Dr. Dan Carter
Dr. Dan CarterAdmin

Dr. Dan Carter has been in practice since 1994 and was a full-time faculty member at National College of Naturopathic Medicine from 1996-2003. He created the I.V. services department at NCNM Natural Health Centers where he was a clinical supervisor. In 2003 he moved to Montana where he operated a family practice clinic until 2016, when he (partially) retired and moved to central Oregon. He was an instructor for IIVNTP from 2001-2012; current roles include seminar content/research, newsletters, blog, and webmaster. He is now doing on-line nutrition research and teaching nutrition classes in Bend, Oregon.

Dr. Virginia Osborne
Dr. Virginia OsborneSenior instructor

Dr Virginia Osborne is a co-founder of International IV Nutritional Therapy forPhysicians. She has lectured and developed workshops on IV nutrition, anti-aging, Chelation, clinical emergency medicine and oncology management.These workshops provide complete training to physicians for the safe andeffective use of intravenous nutrient therapies. Her medical degree is from the National University of Naturopathic/NaturalMedicine (NUNM), Portland, Oregon. Following a career in critical, emergency and cardiac care, she established clinics in several states that utilized thebenefits of IV therapies. Virginia was an IV therapy Academic Instructor and Clinical DepartmentSupervisor at NUNM/Natural Health Centers 2000-2007. She continues to do research and development for the use of IV micronutrients in medical treatment.

Dr. Paul Anderson
Dr. Paul AndersonSenior instructor

Dr. Paul Anderson is CEO of the Anderson Medical Group which includes Advanced Medical Therapies, a state of the art medical center providing fully compliant IV, Hyperbaric and Mild Hyperthermia therapies. Dr. Anderson is former Chief of IV (intravenous therapy) Services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center and a past Professor at Bastyr University. He completed his medical degree at NUNM and trained at multiple hospital and clinical sites in Portland Oregon. He began instructing classes at medical schools in the early 1990’s, and is a medical author and speaker. He offers medical education through the Anderson Medical Group CE site ‘’ a web based educational platform.

Debbie Kaminski, BSRN
Debbie Kaminski, BSRNInstructor

Debbie Kaminski, BSRN graduated from University of San Francisco. Her 35 plus years as a Registered Nurse include ICU, ER, Triage, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab, Industrial Nurse, Hospice, Case Management, Functional Medicine, Research, Addiction, and Oncology. Debbie took her first IV nutrition class with Doctor Virginia Osborne, Doctor Dan Carter, and Paul Anderson in 2007 and was asked to join the team in 2010. As a member of INS- Nurses Infusion Society and ONS-Oncology Nursing Society, Debbie stays abreast of the Standards of Infusion Care. Currently Debbie works in San Luis Obispo with Ken Starr MD and Todd Thoring ND. Debbie is an IV consultant with IIVNTP for support in setting up IV Clinics.

Dr Brenden Cochran
Dr Brenden CochranInstructor

Dr. Brenden Cochran is the medical director of Interactive Health Clinic, with specialty focuses in pain, integrative oncology, chronic disease management, anti-aging, injection and intravenous therapies. He completed his medical degree at Bastyr University. He served as faculty at Bastyr University, with a focus on Advanced IV Therapy. He also served as the medical fellow/director of intravenous therapy at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center (BIORC), Bastyr University’s cancer research center with Dr. Paul Anderson. His passion for chemistry, intravenous nutrient therapy and lecturing lead him to IIVNTP. He is also an instructor of Neural Therapy, Neural Prolotherapy (Perineural Injections), Ozone therapies, Biological Allograft. He provides support and consulting for many physicians through inFORMs Consulting and as a keynote speaker and content creator, Dr. Cochran is dedicated to empowering doctors to build successful models in outcome-based medicine.

Dr Shawna Kiker
Dr Shawna KikerInstructor

Dr Shawna Kiker is the Medical Director and Co-Owner of Holistic Therapies LLC in Evergreen, Colorado, and practicing Naturopathic Medicine with emphasis in chronic disease, endocrinology, pediatrics and family practice. After receiving her doctorate at National College of Naturopathic Medicine with an internship in IV Nutritional Therapies with Dr. Virginia Osborne and an internship in Obstetrics, she taught IV training at NCNM and began lecturing with IIVNTP. She has had experience training in Emergency Medicine in the Emergency Room and Cardiology. She is the Vice-President and Board Member of the Academy of Parenteral Therapies. As well, she advices the state of Colorado on Naturopathic practice and is currently, continuing the pursuits of furthering IV therapy and Naturopathic medicine through legislation.